The philosophy


Our business is repeat business

The Austin Turner philosophy centres around providing the client with a quality installation, backed by customer care that is second to none.

We ensure that the project is on time and on budget.

Our commitement to quality ensures that corners are not cut.

Austin Turner recognise that the finished project is only as good as the people who work on it and are committed to training and education of all personnel.

Teamwork is vital - every member is acutely aware of the role they play and the service they provide.

The entire Austin Turner philosophy is geared towards the provision of the necessary comfort factors for the client.



Austin Turner have long been committed to partnering. We do not see it as the latest trend in the industy but as a way forward for all concerned. As a company we believe that the best way to avoid problems and conflict is to encourage partnering agreements with all parties involved.


Working together gives us -

Improved lines of communication.

Single point of contact to raise important issues.

Problems dealt with quickly and efficiently to remove conflict.

Working together results in -

Committment, quality, trust and shared savings.

Austin Turner do not just talk about partnerships - we commit to them.